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We pride ourselves in providing impeccable financial services like - Savings, Investment plans and Loan products ranging from Personal loans, Business loans, School Fees loans, LPO fundings, etc. The essence of our service delivery is to meet the financial needs of our clients.

Innovative Products

Tailored to your lifestyle, designed for your
personal and business needs

Personal Loan

We have got you covered round the clock, round the globe with our simple and easy personal loan.

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Business Loan

Apply for our business loan to help boost your business and increase your profitability and productivity

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Salary Loan

Our salary loan is easy, fast, reliable, convenient and disbursed within 24hrs of applying.

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School Fees Loan

Dont let your Children's Education get truncated because of funds. We got you covered.

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Fast and Simple

No collateral or Guarantor needed

Flexible Payment

Competitive Rates

Customer Service

We are passionate about what we do and are ready to give our clients the very best of services they require through our innovative products and advanced customer service.

Our customer service team are ready to attend to your financial needs round the clock so all efforts are focused on you the client and your satisfaction

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About HallMark Capital Limited

Mission Statement

Our mission is to get to know and understand your financial needs, wants and long-term goals. Each client has unique needs, circumstances and concerns. We listen, evaluate and provide you with only the highest quality information, services and products to help you reach your goals for we have the client-and only the client in mind so all efforts are focused on you the client for your satisfaction.

Vision Statement

To bank the unbank, help them achieve their financial goals, share ideas that work and to be a global financial leader.

Core Values

The heart of our vision and strategy is building a company with values. our values define us. They are our compass through which we make every decision.The following are the Hallmark Capital Limited Corporate values:
Employee focus
Collaborative Relationship