Daily Flex / SME Account

This is a special kind of micro savings. It helps low-income earners (The unbanked - people like the traders, tailors, mechanics etc) to easily save and access their own money and the focus here is for them to have a savings culture as well as enable them have access to credit without collateral as against the high interest rate and collateral demanded by the formal financial sector...

It can also be categorized by groups to form a group savings scheme.


Target Savings

This type of account is a purpose driven savings account that encourages financial discipline through savings. A specific lump sum is targeted at the point of entry by the customer, and progressive savings is made monthly until the set target is achieved which could be savings towards:

  • * Retirement
  • * Start Up Capital
  • * Your kids' College funds
  • * Owning your home
  • * Emergency fund

This account is a stand alone account opened by customers for different purposes as the case may be but you are bound to achieve the desired target at the end of the duration.


Savings Account

Our savings schemes are efficient investment platforms that enables our clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

We reward our savings account with highly competitive interest rates compared to other financial institutions.

We advise our clients to take up a savings scheme early so as to enable them safe more.
(Save Early - Save More - Save Smart)

Our savings schemes are geared towards encouraging you to have a consistent savings habit...

Hallmark Savings scheme will give you financial freedom and you can confidently do away with borrowing to stay aloft always...

With our savings scheme you can take calculated risk. Part of the importance of saving money means you can build cash reserves with less worry.